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Starting your day

  1. When you rise up in the morning start off by giving thanks for everything good in your life and for that which you hope to be good in your life. Give thanks in advance. Do not wait for it to be perfect in order to be grateful for it.
  2. Think of that day as a fresh new opportunity to make your mark on the world, whatever that world includes – from your family, your friends, your associates or even the strangers you find on your way to work or to school. Give it your best!
  3. Make sure you do at least one good thing for someone new every single day. It does not have to be someone you know. In fact it is always better if the person is not close to you.

  4. Live your life with purpose by knowing who you are, whose you are and what is in you that is able to make someone else’s life better. The answer is always meaningful and full of substance when it is in relation to God. Try finding your true purpose in God and your life will attain a fuller richer meaning. Whatever “I am mantra” you decide to quote each morning, you are that because someone bigger than yourself placed it in your heart and if He did, it’s because by meditating on it and being it, you shall achieve your full potential.

  5. Embrace who you are, all your strengths, gifts, abilities, skills and all that you are. Do not forget to also see the positive out of every challenge, obstacle and bad circumstance.

  6. Do not allow the negative circumstances and situation to break you but rather take them on and DECIDE to be stronger and better because of them all. Decide to get better and not bitter.

  7. Remember, no single day will ever be repeated. It only comes once. So let each day count. Do not let any day go to waste. Let each day spent with family, friends, associates, God, colleagues, employees, employers or even on social media – count!

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